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Valuing Darkness Symposium

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance will be holding a symposium called Valuing Darkness in Melbourne 19 – 21 March 2025. The 3-day program will include a symposium, roundtable and workshops on sustainable lighting. 

Check out their website for more information

Palm Beach Headland has become Australia’s first Urban Night Sky Place

In an Australian first Palm Beach Headland, located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, has been designated as an Urban Night Sky Place (UNSP) by DarkSky International.

The designation demonstrates how good-quality lighting and design can reduce the impacts of artificial light on the natural nighttime environment and open up opportunities for better viewing of the night sky.

A UNSP aims to preserve a dark sky experience for visitors and educate people on the benefits of proper outdoor lighting that ensures public safety while protecting the night sky.

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