Bush Regeneration and Bushcare

Weed management is an incredibly important tool to protect biodiversity. Here is an inspirational video from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy on their weed management at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary in central Australia.

Friends of Berowra Valley support the NPWS with some bush regeneration groups around the Berowra Valley National Park.

Stringybark Ridge

Stringybark Ridge is a part of Berowra Valley National Park and is a very special ecological community.  We are looking for volunteers to help revegetate this area. For more info:

Stringybark Ecological Restoration

Provest Creek

Provest Creek is a part of Berowra Valley National Park and is fed primarily by stormwater collected in the local urban catchment. At the top of the catchment is Montview Oval which was created from an old landfill site. A quarry operation mining clay shale and fireclay was also in operation from 1960 to 1975.

Since then the area has been left to naturally regenerate. There are massive weed plumes along the creekline but also enough native flora to support a diverse range of fauna.

Check out our movie in infra-red of a Sugar Glider during a twilight survey

We are starting a volunteer group that will meet monthly to follow up and continue the work already done. The volunteer group meets the first Tuesday of every month 10am-12pm. If you are interested in getting involved then send an enquiry through our contact form.

For more info:

Provest Creek Ecological Restoration

Hornsby Shire Council Bushcare

There are many opportunities to be involved as a Bushcare volunteer through Hornsby Shire Council. They run an amazing volunteer program where each session has a trainer and all tools and equipment are provided.

This map shows you the location of volunteer groups across the Hornsby Shire as well as the times that they meet. Click on the group link and you can join up by clicking on the More Info link associated with the group.