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Berowra Fauna Fair 2024

Friends of Berowra Valley, a community group committed to protecting our precious bushland and local environment, will be running the Berowra Fauna Fair on Sunday 17th March from 10am to 3pm, at the Berowra Community and Cultural Facility (Berowra Community Centre).  With the support of Hornsby Shire Council we will be celebrating  the marvellous wildlife found in our bushland shire.

Come and experience live snakes, lizards, turtles, echidnas, birds and flying foxes and learn how to live near them safely and how to protect them. There will be fun activities for the kids including a didgeridoo performance from 1 to 2pm, nature walks and plenty of stalls to learn about how to protect our local wildlife so that their habitat is around for future generations. Apex will be running a BBQ plus the Berowra Sustainability Co-op will be bringing some electric cars to view.

There will be a series of talks including our local birds, orchids, brush turkeys, spiders and marine life. Confused on climate science? We have an expert in the field who will help us all understand this existential crisis. Learn how to become a citizen scientist and the eDNA initiatives being run by your local council. Plants will be on sale from the Australian Plant Society and the Berowra Garden Club.

The Hornsby Heights Camera Club will have an amazing selection of nature photography on display.  We are also running a nature photography competition for kids with two age groups, 8-12 and 13-17 with the 10 finalists from each category displayed. The overall winner will be announced on the day. For more details on how to enter see

Speaker Programme

  • 10am to 10.30am iNaturalist Petra Holland HSC Bushland Manager: Learn how to be a Citizen Scientist and record the amazing biodiversity in the Hornsby Shire.
  • 10.30am to 11am Spiders Dr Helen Smith Australia Museum: Learn about the benefits of those beautiful spiders we live with every day.
  • 11am to 11.30am Native Orchids Wendy Grimm Australian Plant Society: Learn all about one of the most fascinating and beautiful plants in our local ecosystems.
  • 11.30am to 12pm Amazing annoying birds – living with Australian brush turkeys: Dr Ann Goeth is a science teacher with a PhD on brush turkeys.
  • 12.00pm to 1pm Ecopella singing group and announcement of winners of the Kids Photography competition
  • 1pm to 1.30pm EagleCam Project Judy Harrington Birdlife Australia.
  • 1.30pm to 2pm Hornsby Shire Council’s eDNA Projects: Dave Bolton HSC Catchment Remediation.
  • 2pm to 2.30pm Marine Life with David Booth and Gigi Beretta Marine Scientists UTS and FOBV members.
  • 2.30pm to 3pm Why are we warming? With Alex Sen Gupta research scientist and lecturer at the Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) and the Centre For Marine Science and Innovation (CMSI) UNSW.


  • Jabiru Snake Pit with the “World’s most Venomous Snakes!” + “Remarkable Reptiles!” including a large demonstration pit with multiple presentations showcasing Australia’s most venomous snakes, including snake safety and first aid demonstrations. “Friendly” reptiles on either side of the presentation that can be patted and photographed.
  • Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park and Sydney Bats 2 hours 10am to 12pm will bring a selection of snakes, lizards, turtles, echidna and flying foxes.
  • Australian Wildlife Displays 2 hours 12.30 to 2.30 will bring a python, a crocodile, lizards (blue tongue/shingleback), possum, bird(s) including a kookaburra and/or tawny frog mouth and a frog.
  • Brenden Moore (with Friends of Berowra Valley) 1pm to 2pm Didgeridoo player and kids entertainment.
  • Hornsby Shire Council Bushland Management Team – learn about how to volunteer with Council and help care for our bushland.
  • Australian Plant Society – native plants.
  • Apex BBQ, coffee van and Sunflower Caterers.
  • Berowra Garden Club
  • Berowra Men’s Shed (with Friends of Berowra Valley) – nest boxes.
  • Berowra Sustainability Co-op (with Friends of Berowra Valley) – electric cars and other sustainability initiatives.
  • Birdlife Australia (with Friends of Berowra Valley)
  • Friends of Berowra Valley – fabulous tree, guess the native animal and win a prize.
  • Hornsby Heights Camera Club (with Friends of Berowra Valley) – nature photography display and Kids Photography Competition finalists
  • Dark Sky (with Friends of Berowra Valley) – learn about night habitats and creating wildlife friendly lighting around your home.
  • Nature Know Australia (with Friends of Berowra Valley) – insects and nature walks.
  • Sydney Wildlife Rescue (with Friends of Berowra Valley) – learn how to become a wildlife rescuer.
  • Magical Megs – face painting fun.

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